Special Initiatives Section

Debrief Case File DN374-R

They Saved Hitler's Brain

0200 240810: Body discovered 5km outside Mundare AB. Agents Watson and Jobb sent to investigate. 0230 240810: Patrons of bar called “The Graveyard” witness corpse stumbing into the establishment. Standard and Parker (?) sent to investigate. 0300 240810: Investigation of bar leads to discovery of vandalized tomb neaby. 0330 240810: Watson and Jobb encounter masked assailants. Gunfire exchanged. SUV destroyed.

0800 240810: Briefing. Body from bar appears dead approximately 3-4 months. Tomb description indicates expiry date of 1979. Standard notes readings of extreme age from other recovered bodies, thyough appearance would indicate age in thne 25-30 range.

Further investigation reveals corpse from tomb to be that of Hans Stossell, SS
officer, wanted war criminal (former aide to Adolph Hitler).  Body from field
archaeological dig outside Mudare that of David Cohen, 4th year undergraduate
from University of Alberta.  In addition to 3rd degree burns covering 85% of the
body, the skin had been flayed in a pattern identical to a medieval Norse ritual
known as "blood eagle" used in worship of Odin.  This discovery lead the team to
The Coyote Medrcury Club.  One of the two owners, Andrew Locke (unconfirmed 
speculation of temporal manifestation of Norse deity known as Loki)revealed 
existence of a group of Nazi war criminals (allied with neo-nazi skinhead groups)
preparing a ritual outside of Taber intent on opening rift to allow return of
unauthorized Norse deity Odin with potential incindiary results.  Team travelled
to Taber, located coven in farmhouse 2.2km outside town limits.  Leader 
identified as war criminal Rudolph Hess, presumed dead in 1987.  Hess had
possession of crystal sphere containing essence and brain of Adolph Hitler,
presumably removed and magically enhanced and preserved by Hans Stossell in 1945.
During the ensuing combat, the ritual was disrupted, the return of Odin averted,
Hess eliminated and the sphere taken into the custody of the Crown.  It is 
presently stored in Warehouse 23, undisclosed location.  Destruction of the
sphere is contraindicated at this time.  Further research required to determine
possible collateral results of possible destruction prior to proceding.



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