Cayne Jobb



  • Superb: Weapon
  • Great: Athletics, Intimidation
  • Good: Alertness, Endurance, Resolve
  • Fair: Empathy, Fists, Might, Stealth
  • Average: Academics, Drive, Investigation, Rapport, Resources


  • Weapon of Destiny
  • Scary
    • Aura of Menace
      • Aura of Fear
  • Subtle Menace
  • Unapproachable


  • Big Man on Campus
  • Going Somewhere
  • “Never met a monster I didn’t fight.”
  • Detective Brian O’Connor
  • The Apollonius Blade
  • Officer Janice O’Connor, Brian O’Connor’s Daughter
  • “Spare me the bullshit.”
  • And They All Fall Down
  • Unapologetic Monster Hunter
  • “I’ve got a key right here…”

Phase One: Background

Growing up in a blue collar worker family, Cayne’s life is ordinary and eventful. A natural talent for sports holds the only potential for something bigger than following his parents footsteps though, and Cayne aims for better.

Phase Two: Joining the Initiative

Attending University on a sports scholarship, Cayne looks forward to attracting the attention of a scout. A confrontation with friend and fellow teammate Greg over the use of steroid reveals an uncomfortable truth:

Greg wasn’t using steroids. Greg is a werewolf.

Narrowly managing to fend Greg off long enough to finish the werewolf off with liberal use of car, Cayne’s dream of becoming a professional athlete goes down the drain when he’s arrested for vehicular homicide. The timely arrival of an unknown agent for the Special Initiatives Section spares Cayne jail though and with charges cleared, it becomes clear where his path lays now.

Phase Three: “A Blood Sucker Born Every Minute”

Trouble stirs when there’s a sudden boom in the vampire population and it’s up to Cayne Jobb to cut it down to size. Things get complex when his past comes back to haunt in the form of Officer Janice O’Connor, the daughter of the detective who arrested him for vehicular manslaughter. Between one pain in the neck and another, can Cayne get to the crux of the matter in time?

Phase Four: Guest-starring in [Tyler’s Character’s Story]

Cayne brings some well-needed muscle when it becomes necessary to deal with the Unseelie Court over a Madcap.

Phase Five: Guest-starring in [Tara’s Character’s Story]

Cayne puts illegal Aliens to the sword.

Cayne Jobb

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